Thursday, 17 March 2016

Why do I write?


I think I'm back for some more blogging. I used to write a lot back in those days. 
Usually, people asked me if i have so much time to be able to write and articulate my thoughts through my facebook/insta posts. Well, I dont. 

We all have 24 hours a day. I have time allocated for every hat i put on. As a student, as kakak usrah, as a housemate, as a daughter and so on. What you see on social media does not depict my real life. We choose what we wanna show. I wish life is all bed of roses. All i need to do is travel, cook or paint. But no. We have other responsibilities. And that makes us feels alive.

I love being busy. Sometimes, i get overwhelmed and a bit worked up. But that teaches me to appreciate my free time and value my own efforts throughout. Sometimes, I also have trouble in managing my time.  Yesterday i spend half day baking and cooking(not that i realised it) and I decided to not go to usrah later that night coz I've already taken more time than I should. Anyway, my housemate can take the kuih I made to the gathering. So, i feel much better. I find it really hard to say no, without actually explaining myself. 

" I've been to usrah the day before. So i hope it's ok if i don't turn up today because....."

That is something i need to work on.


I'm an expressive person. If I love you, I'll tell you. If i'm proud of you, I'll tell you. If i don't particularly like something or disagree with you, I'd love to talk about it. I don't like dispute as much as you do. But I always believe that communication is key. The faster we put thing on the table, the merrier our life would be. I guess my habit of writing things down helps me to detect what i wanna say, what i truly feel and help me to understand others' point of view. 

I'm not talkative. I'm actually an introvert, but as I progress in my study environment, I put stress on my extravertness. I learn to dissociate shyness from inability to become confident. I grew out of my fear of being judged. That's how i improved in my public speaking. Trust me, I'm quite reserved. Soft-spoken and shy. lol

In a nutshell, i would encourage people to write more. Write everyday on anything. It helps you to express yourself better. You can deliver your thoughts and feelings better. You learn to gain more out of littlest, simplest thing. You learn to see more than what your eyes see. 

Believe me :)


  1. Salam. Akak buat biomedical kat newcastle uk eh? Akak guna result spm ke mcm mane? ☺

  2. Hi sis, I just found your blog and I am looking forward for more blog posts from you. You are such an inspiring person.

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