Monday, 29 September 2014

Back to school

I just need to write. let out the things I had in my mind.


So here's to my first day of school.

I have a 6 hours lab session today. Started early at 9 am and a short one hour break from 10 to 11am . 11 to 5- Solid hours for Polymerise chain reaction practical. It feels like it takes almost forever. It is super meticulous- if i were to say what i hate most about experiment particularly on genetics. A lot of pipetting, counting  and doing things you don't really see. Everything is result-based. you know it's that one coz it shows such result. You know how you get it coz you picture the mechanism without actually seeing it, unlike those practicals involving cells and bacteria or physiology( on our body parts and anatomy). I love these ones better.  Even as awkward as watching tape worms swimming around in the petri dish under the  microscope. well, at least it's observable... and alive.

I should remind myself in getting a cup of coffee ready every time i have one of those days with boring lecture or session. i really must. and today's 6 hours session makes me feels like deserving a little treat to myself. I rarely do shopping. even if i did, it is mostly on FOOD.  but just to be clear, i  enjoyed doing groceries shopping and buying food to be cooked and some cool utensils for baking, never, did i spend so much on take-aways. In fact, I find myself enjoying baking coz it's the closest thing to real life lab practicals that i had. lol
gonna do some shopping tomorrow since it's student night at eldon square. why not.

Made some new friends today. Alhamdulillah ala kulli hal. Being the only malay in class is actually good. you make more effort to blend in, to let go of your fright and just open up. One of my friend, Amy, is actually a matured student. She had 3 sons and it seems likely that i can mingle really well with these people. In fact, most of the people i'm closed to in the Malaysian's community (balai Malaysia Ncl)  here is postgraduates. i talked on parenting, children, recipes and many more...which sometimes makes me feel bit old.  -.-" nope. scratch that. matured.

I have a very clear picture of what i wanna achieve this semester insyaAllah and few years ahead.
of working. not going home. bringing my parents here. active in societies. go to many more places-alone. make more friends. get the best grades. the list goes on and on.
 o yes i'm to embrace my new term here!

Perhaps nothing will actually turns the way i want it to. But decided to have them ready and on my mind early on.


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