Friday, 11 May 2012

writing my own story


it has been a long while.

days passed just like that. each with it's own story. i believe it's the wonderful chapters in the book of life-my life.


so far, exam is ok. as long as i've work my way out, there'll be no regret. prayers goes to me each time in their du'a. i know they do. could never repay their kindness to me since i was born till now.

they call out each day, just to make sure i'm ok. i remember last trial exam, i was so frustrated with chemistry, i read, i think i can do well, but what's on paper is just the opposite. i really do feel like giving up. Allahu. allahu..allahu. 

those are the bad points in life, i call ummi as soon as i got the paper and could do nothing but hear her cajoling me. all those sweet words of her. gave me strength.

i don't know how to say how much i appreciate you two. the best people ever existed in this whole world. i hate it when i sometime disappoint you and all you say is it's ok and you know i've done my best.

it adds up to the pain. i ask Allah everyday to grant them the best in the world and here after for such remakable sacrifices they'd done to us,their children.

thank you.thank you.

i'll hope we would gather in jannah. i hope we do . amin.

**shed tears

today, i'll do my best. i will.what happen then is out of my control but still i'll pray hard and keep my head held up high.

i don't care what other people say. i wont compare myself to others.

i'll hold on the pen.
i'll write this wonderful story. 

because i love you so much .

"the future belongs to those who believes in the beauty of their dream."


okey.err. i'll go get some coffee :) 

until then. May Allah bless us.

and to all my friends, good luck! we can do this :D


  1. salam, ni sain una op?? hee~
    insyaAllah, sama2 doakan jdik doctor.. robbuna yusahhilna :)

    1. wslm.yup :) jazakillah ya ukhti! Biiznillah :) smoga dibuka jalan2nya ^o^