Thursday, 1 March 2012

hari2 yg berlalu ~


dah lama x update blog.hmm. 

A lot of things had happened in my life these couples of weeks. 

manifesto night.

i would say it's the scariest night ever. to stand up in front and talk. not just talking, u have to convince people which i find very hard for i'm not  much of a talkative person.i'm shy.seyes! T.T i dont know how i did that night, i believe there's  lot to improve for sure.

i did a joint manifesto with Husam. Less stress  i would say, until it comes to Q n A sessions. i remember a question about 'how far do u think religion should be practiced especially in ky.'....u know, when u r up there.u cannot just think that fast, the anxiety keep pushing u all the way. but i promise, this is the point where i start to learn, change and improve myself.

i choose to do this. initially, maybe i was asked to do this. but i need to change that particular mindset for i will never be able to bare the responsibility and all the troubles if i dont have the drive in me.
i want to be a person who has something to give rather than having to give something. i wanted to do this job, because i wanted to not of the fact that i'm already there for the work.

sc camps

Alhamdulillah.... here i am, i made it into the sc.
went to Terolak the other day for sc was a wonderful experience. it wasnt much of how i expected it to be, the place was nice :) we had lots of discussions. i'm glad i'm practicing doing this.i'm sure it's gonna help me somehow in the future.oh, we also play was fun and for the very first time i got to be a werewolf instead of a civilian.and an excellent one i am,ecece.. :P

looking at the bright sight,i was able to engage with different groups of people whom i might not have the chance or liberty to actually mingle around in normal life as a ky student before.


so far,so good.
recently being so busy with mcb.i'm sure next week will be worse.KIWEE is coming soon. making posters, now trying to get people outside of college to come for the talks and 3 talk from brother lim jooi soon, next from ust. Hasrizal n Akhil hayy, also lastly from ust. shaari. InsyaAllah, may Allah makes it easier for us all.amin :)

it's time to sleep.nk bgn awl,pleaseeeee! >.< slmt malam.

p/s. sy rsa sngt bersalah to this one person, i'm not gonna say sorry to .... individually coz i dont want this matter to prolonged but i really am sorry for my khilaf if it cause u lot of trouble after that.i really didnt mean's good what u did, i'm sorry.


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