Monday, 17 October 2011

i promise.

Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala said:
don't look around because you'll be impressed,
Don't look down you'll be depressed,
Just look to me all the time and you'll be blessed.

   today,it's my last this morning i called my ummi.feel so calm.

i had my breakfast. did a little more reading at the surau.feel so calm. my room.i dont wanna read anymore.

thinking.what if.... hmm

i dont really mind how much i get for this exam.i can accept anything insyaAllah but i do mind about other people around me who count on me. >.<

sory. this might not be a good one so far. but i promise i'll work harder.

i know.

i believe i learn something. this is a lesson to be learned. i'll change. just wait.

i promise.

umi, abah ........ thanks for everything!


  1. nanti kter sama2 re-gps our efforts ek. dun worry, kte struggle sama2 yer kawan! =)

  2. :) thanks syifa! ^^

    InsyaAllah, kite tempuh jalan ni sama2.cewah :D