Friday, 27 May 2011

let us think again


What is the meaning of life if you just wasting your time in this world?
What have you done in this world?
Having fun with some world's game?

...Have you ever thought in your mind where do these things gone when you die?
Do they come with you in grave?
What do you have from these things?
What do you have??

You don't realize that actually you are suffering in your life
because of these things...
What is your aim for your life?
To be a rich man?
This is just a world…world is full with is just an illusions..
Don’t get trap in it...
See what will happen the next future...
World is not eternal...
Remember when the KIAMAT come..
When all the creatures destroyed...
When no one help you when it comes...
You will regret at that time...but it's too late to be regret..

Have you thought about it? Have you prepared yourself for it?
There is another life after this life...the eternal life...eternal world..

Beware this world is just an illusion...
Always thinking about what will happen for the next day...
So you can prepare yourself for the next day...

May Allah bless you ♥

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